Board and Trains

Are you experiencing training woes that you don’t feel you can overcome alone? Or perhaps you have a busy schedule and don’t feel you have adequate time to get your dog to the point you’d like in the time frame you seek! Or better yet, maybe you would like your dog to become the dog of your dreams in a short time frame? If you’d like to start enjoying life with your dog rather than have him/her be a nuisance the board and train may be right for you!

Every board and train package includes a pre-board and train consult with your trainer, daily updates in the form of pictures and video, and a private send home session with your dog’s trainer to go over everything your dog has learned in depth! Additionally we follow up with you after your pup comes home to assure what your dog learned while with the trainer is transferring successfully to home! We will always be here for support via text/email/phone after the conclusion of your dogs training and tune up sessions are available upon request. Training is a lifelong process, so keeping up with what your dog has learned is essential to your continued partnership with your beloved companion.

Below is a description of what’s included in each of our board and train packages. Consults are available if you are having trouble deciphering which package would work best for you.


The two week board and train is our most popular package! In just two short weeks your dog will learn all of our basic commands and additional advanced commands to an off leash level with distractions. Your defiant pooch will become an off leash superstar!


The 3 week option is best suited for dogs with more in depth behavioral issues. Dogs with more extensive issues such as reactivity need more time to sufficiently break down negative barriers and form new associations. For dogs with no serious behavioral issues the three week option offers more advanced commands and in depth proofing in higher distraction environments!

Please note off-leash abilities are dependent on the severity of your dogs behavioral issues. We will always do what’s in your dogs best interest! If your dog is experiencing reactivity or more serious issues needing behavioral modification please reach out so we can determine what’s best for you.