Private Lessons

We offer our private lessons in two separate locations:

  • Schuylkill County (New Ringgold- Main Location)
  • Lehigh Valley (Coplay)

Our private lesson packages are the perfect option for people that want to take part in every step of the training process. We structure our lessons to allow one on one focus between trainer and client. This has proven to be the most successful method as each individual person and animal can have minor differences in how they acquire knowledge.

In group classes, especially when it comes to the foundation of training, the individual can not be the focus leading to struggles in the training process. With one on one attention, the struggle can be easily negotiated and you won’t get lost in the shuffle.

We ask our clients to set aside time each day to work on the techniques we teach. It is not possible to create a perfect dog in an hours time. It is possible to create the perfect dog you’ve dreamed of with our method if you continue to work on and build upon the skills we teach you in your lessons. If you don’t feel you’ll have adequate time to invest in your dog at home, you may be better suited for our board and train options!

Below is a list of the private lesson packages we offer. Each lesson is one hour and flexible scheduling is available. Please reach out if you aren’t sure which option works best for you!

Base Camp- 4 Week

Base Camp is a four week private lesson package that gives your dog all the foundational skills necessary to be a model doggy citizen! We cover all basic commands (come/sit, place, down, heel and free!), address problem behaviors, and introduce stability so your dog will not only perform the command but hold it for an extended period of time! The Base Camp package must be completed in order to participate in any of our social events.

Ridge- 6 Week

The Ridge package includes all portions of the Base Camp package with two additional lessons on the tail end. The additional lessons are tailored towards working your dog around distractions using the obedience implemented in the first four Base Camp lessons. You and your dog will be confident navigating busy environments at the conclusion of this package!

Pinnacle- 8 Week

The Pinnacle package is our highest level private lesson package. If you want your dog to be the superstar of the neighborhood this package is for you! The first four lessons encompass the base camp package while the back four lesson can go in any direction you choose. Want your dog to learn some advanced commands? Perhaps you want to achieve off-leash freedom with your pup? Or maybe just work around more distracting environments with a trainer in tow. All of the above can be accomplished in this eight week private lesson package!

Therapy Dog Package- 8 Week

Our Therapy Dog package is the equivalent of our Pinnacle package with an emphasis on preparing your dog to complete a therapy dog certification. We will prepare your dog with all the necessary skills to be a great therapy dog and vet you on setting up a local evaluation with a pet therapy company at the conclusion of your package to take the therapy dog test. If you are unsure of the difference between therapy dogs service dogs and ESA’s please visit this link.

Dog Aggression (Currently Waitlisting)

Our dog aggression package is for dogs who are experiencing reactivity issues with other dogs and people. If you have a dog with more severe issues please call us to discuss your issues/needs more in depth. With this package you will have the knowledge and confidence to manage your dogs reactivity issues.

Al-A-Carte Lessons

Additional lessons are available after the completion of your package if needed. Please contact for additional details.