Therapy Training

Have you dreamed of being a dynamic therapy dog team, bringing joy to your local community? We can help you achieve that goal!

Our eight week Therapy Training package will prepare you and your dog for a therapy dog evaluation. The first four weeks will focus on foundational obedience skills and negating naughty behavior. While the last four lessons will be tailored towards preparing your dog to handle the stressors of various therapy environments! There are quite a few distractions in a therapeutic environment that your dog will find unusual or strange. By preparing your dog for potentially stressful situations that you may encounter as a team you will be better prepared to thrive in any therapeutic situation!

The title of Therapy Dog is not appropriate for all. If your dog enjoys attention from strangers and is not fearful or nervous to begin with your dog may be an ideal candidate! If you are unsure your pup has what it takes, feel free to call and set up a consultation where a training can give you guidance on what’s best for your dog!

If you are unsure of the difference between a therapy dog and ESA’s/Service dogs, please visit this link.